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Dead is gaining… we need to slow it down.

It seems that every day when I log into my computer before classes start and my teacher responsibilities begin at Jefferson High School in Rockford, Illinois that CNN.Com highlights or news flashes yet another mass shooting. Early on often the reason or motive appears to be non-existent or missing all together. Sometimes however the media outlet does convey a motive that might include a thin but real motive similar to the magnitude of a property line disagreement, or perhaps a person seeking their 15 minutes of fame. The sad thing is that the list of dead has grown yet again and CNN.com is passing on the grim details for all to read or watch.

It is time that our elected officials focus on the cause or motivation of what exists in the persons mind to make the conscious decision to pick up the gun or knife and commit the deadly life ending crime. As a teacher at an inner city school I recently posed to my students the same question/thought.

It would be simple to propose all sorts of legislation to limit our Constitutional Rights, propose larger jails, employ more police, employ more judges, give money away to not for profits to fix the problem, and/or propose ill advised economic development projects using tax payer money in areas that are predisposed to high crime.

While these solutions make for great NEWS at 5:00 Political ribbon cuttings and the like… they are only a small band-aid on the cut or a cup of water on an already raging fire. The better solution is to determine what created the cut and what ignited the fire.

Jobs, Unemployment, Gun Violence, Dead Young People, School Violence

Attention CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Huffington Post, Google and other Professional Media:

We as Americans are getting extremly tired of poverty, unemployment, gun violence, children going to their grave at a very young age. Why is it that major media is focused on the “doom and gloom”, “death and disstruction” headlines versus embracing those individuals that are innovative, problem solvers, doers versus talkers regarding the “real” solutions to gun violence versus limiting our 2nd amendment rights?

Like most Americans I cried real tears when I heard of the Sandy Hook shooting. Similar emotions appeared when the theatre shootings were broadcaste on all the national media. I understand the need to talk about gun control, but lets spend greater efforts disecting the cause of gun violence.

I am proposing a innovative, creative new legislation entitiled The Jobs and Education for Americas’ Youth legislative bill does and will provide a palatable framework for a public – private partnership that will inspire and motivate via financial incentives the return of manufacturing jobs to the USA. This bill will save lives, dreams,and tears from being shed.

My proposed legislation will provide 1,000,000 living wage jobs, 1,000,000 post high school educations, 1,000,000 families with a renewed feeling of dignity, and thus a lack of need for gun violence.

New Proposed Legislation regard gun violence

This is the partial text of a letter I recently sent to President Barrack Obama regarding violence, schools, education and gun violence.

While I understand the need to discuss gun control and perhaps the type of gun, number of bullets and background checks, these steps sadly represent only buckets of water thrown on the already complicated and controversial reasons for the raging fire.

Painfully, the end result of this raging fire has been the loss of many young lives. While trying to put out the fire is a necessary and admirable goal, the bigger question and objective is to how and why the fire ignited in the first place.

I am asking your Presidential power and influence to propose and champion a legislative initiative entitled Jobs and Education for Americas’ Youth that would begin to provide a comprehensive solution for the raging fire that would act as not only a solution to reduce gun violence and other violence in our American cities, but provide to several generations with a renewed dignity of life that many Americans have long searched.