Jobs, Unemployment, Gun Violence, Dead Young People, School Violence

Attention CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Huffington Post, Google and other Professional Media:

We as Americans are getting extremly tired of poverty, unemployment, gun violence, children going to their grave at a very young age. Why is it that major media is focused on the “doom and gloom”, “death and disstruction” headlines versus embracing those individuals that are innovative, problem solvers, doers versus talkers regarding the “real” solutions to gun violence versus limiting our 2nd amendment rights?

Like most Americans I cried real tears when I heard of the Sandy Hook shooting. Similar emotions appeared when the theatre shootings were broadcaste on all the national media. I understand the need to talk about gun control, but lets spend greater efforts disecting the cause of gun violence.

I am proposing a innovative, creative new legislation entitiled The Jobs and Education for Americas’ Youth legislative bill does and will provide a palatable framework for a public – private partnership that will inspire and motivate via financial incentives the return of manufacturing jobs to the USA. This bill will save lives, dreams,and tears from being shed.

My proposed legislation will provide 1,000,000 living wage jobs, 1,000,000 post high school educations, 1,000,000 families with a renewed feeling of dignity, and thus a lack of need for gun violence.

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