Hand Gun solution innovation is not exclusive to politicians and the rich.

As a dedicated teacher we emotionally adopt for better or worse each and every student as our essentially our own children. Day-in and day-out we laugh and empathize with our students while listening and regaling in their academic, athletic and personal triumphs during the school year. During my teaching career I have experienced on several instances the unenviable devastation of the empty seat or students emotionally devastated and distraught at the death of a classmate or a loved one as a result of gun violence the night prior. That painful and heart wrenching reality is my personal motivation for this effort`.

Gun Violence in the USA needs to address cause for needing the guns FIRST

Since the start of the school year I have challenged my students to define the serious and difficult problems that impact their lives on a daily basis in their community. I have impressed upon them that knowing the problem without some suggestion of corrective action is not only a need but a life challenge/skill they will practice many, many times in their adult life.

The four difficulties below highlight student observations of the cause but also corrective actions for what they see as community problems.

  1. Living wage jobs for young adults that cannot afford college/university/trade/technical school or do not wish to attend
  2. Local gun and non gun violence
  3. Living wage jobs for their parents that by in large have graduated from high school
  4. Job specific training for real jobs that does not require a vast and expensive education that many cannot afford or accomplish